Obsolescence Solutions

Electronic Component Obsolescence…. a real problem

Millogic has provided obsolescence solutions to Industrial, Medical and Military clients for over a decade… Board level solutions… ASIC replacements for Integrated Circuits…. Pin compatible FPGA based emulators of obsolete parts…  Synthesizable Verilog / VHDL IP to emulate obsolete components.

Obsolete Electronic Component Alternatives

Semiconductor vendors discontinue parts more quickly than the product lives of many defense, medical and industrial products that use them.  Product certification, such as FDA certification for medical products, is extremely long and costly.  Millogic can develop pin compatible emulators that can be qualified on a component level, which substantially reduces the re-certification and validation processes.

We have developed a library of HDL emulation for now-discontinued parts, including microprocessors, controllers, bus controllers, serial communication devices, microprocessor support devices, etc.  We provide both VHDL and Verilog emulations.

Facing end-of-life and discontinuation notices on your BOMs?

We are continuously developing additional emulations as our customers encounter obsolescence difficulties and need solutions for a particular part.  If you have a need for an emulation of a problem part, and it is not one we currently provide, we will be happy to quote the development of an emulator.  If there are components that are facing discontinuation, let us evaluate the devices, and provide you with an alternative solution when the original parts are no longer available.