About Us

We are an experienced team, and take a team approach to your design.

Millogic is a team of seasoned engineers, experienced in chip and board design. We have developed a library of HDL emulations of obsolete components, ranging from VME controllers to microprocessors to communications controllers and other devices. We can provide board-level solutions,, providing board-level replacement units. We can also provide chip-level solutions, with either FPGA based hybrid solutions or full ASIC solutions.

The Millogic team has been providing engineering services from its roots in 1993, when they founded Chrysalis Research  (subsequently Papillon Research).  Millogic was incorporated in 2002, and has been providing design services and technology products both within the New England area, as well as nationally and internationally.

Millogic has decades of device design experience (FPGA and ASIC)

Millogic utilizes a variety of ASIC and FPGA technologies, but has a particular relationship with Xilinx.  Millogic has been a member of the Xilinx Partner program since its inception, and was  a member of the Xilinx Xperts group prior to the Partners program.XilinxMemberLogo

Millogic goes beyond the bounds of typical design houses

Millogic is different from most design houses, in that we also provide manufacturing interface for customers who need that level of support.  We have close relationships with contract manufacturers to provide a seamless interface.  We use this same group of manufacturers to produce our own products, particularly in providing production emulators of discontinued parts to top tier US and international electronics manufacturers,

For a complete description of Millogic’s design services, please visit our company web site at www.millogic.com.