Half Band Digital Filter

Millogic is developing an emulation of the now discontinued  Intersil  HSP 43216 digital filter  device.  The IP will emulate the original device function, which included a quadrature up/down converter with a 67-tap halfband filter.  When implemented in a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA technology, the IP will operate at sample rates at  or above the original device.   The emulation will support the four operational modes of the original device, Interpolation, decimation, quadrature to real conversion, and quadrature down-conversion with decimation.  The emulation will be port compatible, so an FPGA emulation could be substituted for the original part in an existing design.   The original Intersil part numbers included HSP43216JC-52, HSP43216JC-52Z, HSP42316VC-52, HSP43216VC-52Z.  The Millogic IP core will be named ML43216. (“Intersil” and Intersil device part numbers are copyrights of Intersil Corporation; “Xilinx” and “Spartan” are copyrights of Xilinx Inc)