BP Microsystems adds support for Millogic ML68705 processor

BP Microsystems, one of the premiere providers of Logic Programmers, has encorporated support for the ML68705 in their line of programmers. Support includes both programming algorithm support and socket boards, included automated material handling bulk programming. The original 68705 was a one-time programmable part. Millogic’s FPGA based emulator / interposer utilizes portions of a SPI configuration memory device to store the software program, and the BP Microsytems programmer supports reprogramming the software memory arbitrary numbers of times.

Millogic celebrates 15th anniversary

Millogic has been providing electronic design services and solutions for obsolete or discontinued integrated circuits for 15 years.    Our solutions are found in Defense, Medical and Industrial products both domestically and internationally.

Millogic was incorporated in January, 2002.  However, the Millogic design team dates back to 1993, when we formed Chrysalis Research, which became Papillon Research.  Millogic started its obsolescence solution with the development of emulations and drop-in replacement devices for the discontinued Cypress VME interface family.   The VME devices continued to be used in military, industrial and medical devices whose product lives were much longer than the fickle commercial markets.  Many of the major defense contractors have used and continue to use Millogic parts to solve their obsolescence problems.

Solutions for Discontinued IC’s for Defense, Medical and Industrial Manufacturers

The defense industry is only one area in which Millogic has been helping companies deal with discontinued integrated circuit emulatorssemiconductor devices.  We have significant experience in the medical industry as well.  FDA certification of medical devices is a long and expensive process.  When a device becomes unavailable, it can render a full product line obsolete unless a solution is found.  Millogic solutions limit the re-certification to validating a new device in the Approved Vendor List (AVL) of a component on a BOM.  Millogic solutions are designed to be software compatible with the original parts, so software validation is not an issue.

We have recently been extending our product line of replacements for discontinued microcontrollers / microprocessors that are used in industrial control applications.  Here again is an industry that is extremely dependent on software compatibility.  Millogic goes through extensive validation of our emulations through both simulation and hardware validation to minimize potential issues; however, we also fully back our emulations with support, assisting customers in validating our emulations running in their specific products as well.

Much of our emulation product line has been driven by customer needs.  If your company is having problems with obsolete or discontinued components, please contact us and we will work with you to develop a solution.

For general electronics design services, please visit us at www.millogic.com.

Half Band Digital Filter

Millogic is developing an emulation of the now discontinued  Intersil  HSP 43216 digital filter  device.  The IP will emulate the original device function, which included a quadrature up/down converter with a 67-tap halfband filter.  When implemented in a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA technology, the IP will operate at sample rates at  or above the original device.   The emulation will support the four operational modes of the original device, Interpolation, decimation, quadrature to real conversion, and quadrature down-conversion with decimation.  The emulation will be port compatible, so an FPGA emulation could be substituted for the original part in an existing design.   The original Intersil part numbers included HSP43216JC-52, HSP43216JC-52Z, HSP42316VC-52, HSP43216VC-52Z.  The Millogic IP core will be named ML43216. (“Intersil” and Intersil device part numbers are copyrights of Intersil Corporation; “Xilinx” and “Spartan” are copyrights of Xilinx Inc)


Millogic releases production PGA version of VIC64 and VIC068A emulators

Millogic has redesigned the MLVIC64-EM145  / MLVIC068A-EM145 PGA emulator as a lower mass device suitable for machine handling.  These emulators utilize the time-proven Millogic emulations of these popular VME controllers.  They provide drop-in replacements for the now-discontinued Cypress VIC068A and VIC64 VME controllers.

145 pin PGA emulator for VME controller
145 pin PGA emulator for VME controller

Millogic annouces development of MC68HC705 compatible core

Millogic is adding the MC68HC705 compatible core to its collection of emulations of discontinued products.  The 68705 was a Motorola / Freescale microcrontroller, based on the 6805 processor.  The synthesizable core, ML68705, is planned for release Q1 2016, along with a hardware emulator, the ML68705-EM44.  The ML68705-EM44 will be footprint compatibile with the 44 pin PLCC version of the MC68HC705.  The IP will be compatible with both the C9 and C12 versions of the original devices.

Millogic develops emulation of X3301 Motor Controller

Millogic has developed a Verilog emulation, and a drop-in emulator for the X3301 “Motion Control Integrated Circuit” formerly produced by TSC America.  The device was used for controlling servo and stepper motors, and includes multiple options for acceleration/deceleration functions as well as positioning functions utilizing external encoders and sensors.   The emulator is compatible with the 64 pin PLCC package of the original device.



Millogic adds VME Controller to product line

Millogic is now selling footprint compatible hybrid modules that emulate the now-discontinued Cypress VIC64 and VIC068A VME controller chips. These emulators have been qualified by multiple major US military equipment contractors for use in products that were originally designed to use these Cypress parts. Millogic also produces an emulator for these parts in the PGA packages.