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Millogic celebrates 15th anniversary

Millogic has been providing electronic design services and solutions for obsolete or discontinued integrated circuits for 15 years.    Our solutions are found in Defense, Medical and Industrial products both domestically and internationally.

Millogic was incorporated in January, 2002.  However, the Millogic design team dates back to 1993, when we formed Chrysalis Research, which became Papillon Research.  Millogic started its obsolescence solution with the development of emulations and drop-in replacement devices for the discontinued Cypress VME interface family.   The VME devices continued to be used in military, industrial and medical devices whose product lives were much longer than the fickle commercial markets.  Many of the major defense contractors have used and continue to use Millogic parts to solve their obsolescence problems.

Solutions for Discontinued IC’s for Defense, Medical and Industrial Manufacturers

The defense industry is only one area in which Millogic has been helping companies deal with discontinued integrated circuit emulatorssemiconductor devices.  We have significant experience in the medical industry as well.  FDA certification of medical devices is a long and expensive process.  When a device becomes unavailable, it can render a full product line obsolete unless a solution is found.  Millogic solutions limit the re-certification to validating a new device in the Approved Vendor List (AVL) of a component on a BOM.  Millogic solutions are designed to be software compatible with the original parts, so software validation is not an issue.

We have recently been extending our product line of replacements for discontinued microcontrollers / microprocessors that are used in industrial control applications.  Here again is an industry that is extremely dependent on software compatibility.  Millogic goes through extensive validation of our emulations through both simulation and hardware validation to minimize potential issues; however, we also fully back our emulations with support, assisting customers in validating our emulations running in their specific products as well.

Much of our emulation product line has been driven by customer needs.  If your company is having problems with obsolete or discontinued components, please contact us and we will work with you to develop a solution.

For general electronics design services, please visit us at www.millogic.com.